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Jacob Brewer

Hello, my name is Jacob Brewer.


Walter and Keenan Wealth Management

October 2023

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I enjoyed working on this website emmensely. The maturity of their brand translated to a very clean and professional design. I used Framer Motion quite a bit on this project to create multiple animated components on the Home and About pages. An amazing opportunity I had was to integrate AWS to host their large hero video on the home page. I accomplished this with S3 and Cloudfront. It was a great way to increase the site performance. I was responsible for the CMS creation, the home page, parts of the about page, the service pages, mobilization, and cloud services.

Ben's soft pretzels

April 2023

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This project was a lot of fun to work on. My team faced a lot of unique challenges and we were able to communicate and strategize to overcome them all even though the timeline was extremely tight. The most enjoyable part of the project for me was experimenting with Framer Motion and creating dynamic components that would lay the groundwork for future projects. My main role consisted of creating the home page, navigation and footer, and implementing the responsive design for tablet and mobile. I also learned a lot about the importance of communication styles and teamwork.


I am a full stack engineer with award winning front end web development skills. I also make scalable data bases, custom CMS solutions, and cloud infrastructure. I enjoy learning and helping others learn.